WAX Token Swap Countdown & Exchange Tracker

The WAX token swap will end when the above timer hits zero on August 30, 2019 at 5pm Pacific Time.  You have until this time to swap your ERC20 WAX tokens for WAX Mainnet tokens.

WAX Exchange Status

The list below shows the status of the WAX swap on popular crypto exchanges.

ExchangeSwap Status
HuobiWithdraws Suspended (Aug 19)
BithumbWithdraws Halt: Aug 20th 15:00 [KST]
BittrexERC20 WAX until 12:00 PM PST on 8/29/2019
UpbitERC20 WAX until Aug 23rd 0:00 am

WAX tokens on Kucoin have already been swapped and are no longer ERC20. WAX tokens on Bittrex and Upbit will remain ERC20 WAX until the above dates. WAX on other exchanges may still be ERC20 WAX but the exchanges were not included in the above list because of low volume.

Update Aug 19: Huobi suspended withdraws of WAX tokens today and WAX withdraws on Bithumb halt tomorrow (Aug 20).

WAX Proxy: hodlwaxiopro