EOS Voice Beta Launch Countdown

The countdown to Voice from BlockOne is here. We are now in 2020 which means the beta Voice launch is just around the corner.

B1 is aiming for Voice beta to launch on February 14, 2020.

Since our announcement, tens of thousands have signed up for beta, thought leaders have announced support, and media is asking for information and timelines—and so are you. We love it, keep it coming.

So what’s next?

As with most emerging technologies, getting Voice in people’s hands requires more than some serious development. The legal environment is still evolving, and the joining of blockchain, tokenization, and social media is relatively uncharted territory. So, we’re in the midst of an ongoing, open conversation with legislators and regulators to make sure Voice is ready for users.

All to say, it’s a long and somewhat unpaved road to market. But we’re well on our way—we’re aiming for a beta launch on February 14th, 2020. 



January 9 2020 – Voice, the decentralized media network being developed by Block.one, announced today that it has appointed Forbes’ global Chief Digital Officer, Salah Zalatimo, as Chief Executive Officer, effective January 20, 2020. -> https://block.one/news/block-ones-voice-names-salah-zalatimo-as-ceo/

January 29 2020 – Slide deck with features and functionalities presented to the SEC in December 2019. -> https://voice.com/blog/a-regulatory-recap/

February 10 2020 – Voice beta to roll out first in the USA followed by a steady rollout to English speaking territories, then globally. -> https://voice.com/blog/beta-in-the-usa/

Voice Launch Date Released